Ticket to The Louvre


For those of you who never dared to enter a museum, either because they were too impressed by the ghosts of the past or they did not want to be overwhelmed by the full load of inspiration and arts all over the place; for those of you who still never got an opportunity to visit it, either because the queues at the lifts (ambitious visitors prefer to climb 1665 -one six six five- steps to reach the top) of the Eiffel Tower were much too long or the sun was shining too bright and it would have been a pity to miss the caress of the sun, here is your virtual ticket to the

The Louvre Museum.

The sidebar on the right is a place of choice for online museums. From all over the world. We are on the road looking for interesting museums which are worth a visit. Give us just some time.

By visiting the museums online you can contemplate many chefs d’oeuvre d’art without complaining of sore feet and backache. Your next museum trip will be a very enjoyable one, due to the fact that you’ll know perfectly well which oeuvre d’art you want to admire live.


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