Tahitian Cardio with Kili


I just had some workout to Tahitian music. 30 minutes long. Much sweat. This Island Girl wants you to sweat like hell. Yes, you can workout very effectively with Kili. You’ll learn how to move your hips sensually, how to move your arms gracefully, how to burn calories and last but not least, how to make men crazy ! She has made Tahitian and Hawaian dances almost reachable for us. If you dedicate some of your precious time exercising with Kili, you’ll become a dance floor champ, moving your body at ease, going around the island…

I had been looking for a very long time for instructional Tahitian and Hawaiian videos. They are available now and I’m a happy girl.

In her DVD

Tahitian Cardio

Kili (she’s got what lots of us thrive for : ABS !!! but she is still feminine and beautiful. So are the two girls working out with her.) breaks down some basic moves of the Tahitian dance for us. She is a very good instructor. Video length : approximately 20 min.

Have a glimpse at her great Tahitian Hip Hop :

You can purchase her videos from Cypher Styles but there are some better deals if you visit the following sites :

Natural Journeys
Active Videos

The best prices at the present time are offered by Natural Journeys. Really too bad I bought all the Tahitian and Hawaiian videos from them one year ago : I had to pay the regular prices then ! But I ordered this morning 2 sets of the videos. I will make a present to my friends.

Is Saturday your shopping day, too?

Wish you a wonderful weekend !


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