Maybe Easy For You


Try this one. Don’t give up. You are allowed to push the ‘START’ button as often as needed.

You will feel good if you reach the FINISH line all by yourself. Ignore the ANSWER button. I know, it’s quite tempting to click on it. I had to fight hard against my cursor always going the wrong way : ‘No, not yet. Give me 2 more tiny minutes. Pleaaaase !’

A Word Game

Yesterday, I cooked some good food for a good friend of mine : Ken from Wisconsin. Pork Chinese Style, Basmati Rice, French Salad. Salad was a magic mix of : iceberg lettuce, very thin sliced carrot, fennel, sour sweet juicy apple, fresh tarragon leaves, finely chopped shallots, oil, apple vinegar, French mustard, salt and pepper. Ken, who told me, pork is not the kind of meat he likes to eat, you should have seen how he enjoyed the food ! Aperitif was ‘Pineau des Charentes’.

The pork dish was a real dream… and maybe my best-kept secret. All I know is all non-pork eaters had been charmed by this pork dish. It’s my secret weapon.

A couple of years ago, I felt like cooking for a girlfriend of mine. It was a masterpiece of a duck. Approx. 7.7 lbs (3,5 kg). The marinade was the same as the one used for Ken’s pork. My girlfriend and I, we started to eat rice to the duck. But then, we forgot completely about the green salad, the cucumber and the rice. We could not stop eating the duck and munching on its bones !!! Wonderful ! Just wonderful ! For dessert, a thunder of laughters at seeing the heap of bones on our plates, the rice bowl and the salad bowl, both still full. Good for us that our fitness awareness does not go on vacation everyday !

Ken has spent most of his life in Germany. Like I said, he is a good friend of mine. If your German language skills are fair to excellent, please enter Ken’s World. If you need a dictionary, go to the sidebar right hand side of page, there is one on the shelf waiting to be taken out for a stroll.


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