An Adventuress Enters The MP3 World


Hi guys,

I ordered last November via Amazon my first high quality MP3 Player : Cowon D2. The soundbar on the display, always shuddering to any perceptible sounds, made me very nervous. No way OFF possible. The tiny font size was not appropriate for my bad vision. Font settings inexistent. Since I plan to use MP3 to learn languages, I must look at the display very often. So I sent it back. Then I ordered Meizu SP 8GB. Not working. I sent it back. Third try : I bought Creative Labs Zen 4GB which was recommended by the shop assistant, but once I arrived home, I found out that the lyrics feature was not available. Two hours later, after having lost some precious time searching in vain for the words ‘lyrics’ and ‘lrc’ in the handbook, I returned the player. Since I absolutely wanted to enter the thrilling MP3 world, two weeks later, Mid December 2007, I went back to the shop and gave Meizu SP 8GB one more chance. A sweet little Christmas present to myself, so to speak.

But Meizu SP 8GB caused me too many headaches: Only music, FM tuner and ebooks functioning. No pics, no video, no recording, no FM recording functioning. Too many crashes. Time to look for online help. So I found MEIZUME, the place to be (Nice people here. Many desperate users as well as very helpful passionate moderators). Although I got more headaches than before, the website gave me more confidence. No more fear updating the firmwares like hell. Million of times. Formatting. Soft. Low level. And on and on. I was so mad at the player, that finally, I put it in a well-deserved place: the deepest corner of my drawer and tried to forget about it.

Mini Klegg in Botanical Garden (Desert Rose)
Mini Klegg in Botanical Garden (Desert Rose)

Then, first week of March, in a supermarket (on that day, a carton of milk was on my shopping list !) I saw a promotion: ENTRYX MP3 Player 2GB for only 32 EUR. Same design as Meizu. But smaller, cuter. Lighter. And much cheaper. Two weeks later, the player was still there and begging for me. So, I did what you, too, would have done : I paid and took it home. No FM tuner, no voice recording features. But everything else was working : ebook, AVI video, pics, music. I said to myself: “If a cheap make can do the job, Meizu SP should prove a reason of its existence. And so, I opened the drawer and let the crazy player breathe some fresh air. After several updates and reformatting, since this bloody ‘Updating Music Library’ kept appearing without its rectangular frame just underneath, I decided to do nothing at all. Just wait and see. Some times, after 30 min, some other times, after 2 to 3 long hours, the white frame appears, and Meizu starts updating the music library (what a stupid job !)… and completes it SUCCESSFULLY ! It was the first week of April 2008.

It took me nearly 5 long months to become the master of my player. Now I dare say that I am the proud owner of two MP3 players. Meizu and Entryx. Same look. The transparent protection on Meizu comes off much too early for my taste. It needs urgent replacement.

Actually, I’ve got another MP3 player : the KLEGG mini player 1GB. A purchase I made in Spring 2007. It is so cute and works perfectly well. So easy to use. The wrong thing with it: Only ONE minuscule GB. I like it very much still. It’s my jogging companion. But for security reasons, I never plug the two in-earbuds at the same time into my ears. I need to hear what’s going on around me, too. And by allowing the two (or three) brain halves to work alternatively, I believe I can prevent my brain from shrinking too fast and inharmoniously, hey hey !

Long Live The Inner Beauty !



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