Just Incredible !


I am a brand new starter in the Information World. But who would have ever imagined that I could be quicker than the Big Big Ones? I am ahead of MSNBC by almost TWO WEEKS !!! Unbelievable ! If you don’t believe me, at least trust your own eyes. Excerpts :

Highlights from the show

A look at Bulgarian ‘Idol’

April 18: Countdown’s Keith Olbermann talks to ‘American Idol’ princess Maria Milito about the “hit” sensation from the Bulgarian version of American Idol.’

I talked about The ‘Ken Leeeeee’ Lady on April 6, 2008 ! Would you believe me if I tell you that I do smile not only at everybody but at everything I see since yesterday? You should. Because it’s like having hit a jackpot for me.

Keith, please, call me next time. I’d be very happy to talk to you on the phone.



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