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Donna was quite surprised that I asked for permission to publish her testimonial on my blog. ‘Comments are all made up’. Well, some may be fakes. Others are not. But it is absolutely true that readable comments on M Of The Face Mud Mask are all genuine. Don’t scroll down to look for more of the kind. Donna’s piece of mind is the first one to appear on this blog. Generally, people do comment on the phone. They call in to let us know how satisfied they are with everything relating to M. Or they tell what they think to their Sales Reps. No comment appears nowhere, then. Please, read on :

She ordered online on 04/22/2008 some M Mud Mask. Following is her feedback.

Wed, 23 Apr 2008 14:49:44 EDT
Subject : Order #2819

Dear M Of The Face people,

I just want to let you know that I am extremely happy (elated?) with the smoothness of how ordering your products went. I’d received a sample of the mask & it was totally unbelievable how it worked! The other 1/2 of the packet had dried up when I went to use it again & ended up mixing it with water (to no avail) & just pasting it to my skin! It still worked! I finally got around to ordering & for some reason my credit card couldn’t go thru on line. So I called & spoke with a knowledgable, friendly & extremely helpful gentleman, Wolfgang. An asset to your company. I only wish eBay, Paypal, every bank and every 800, 888, 866, etc. number that we call could be as pleasant! On top of him saying I’d receive it the next day (!), which I did, I received samples! I’m very happy & satisfied & can’t wait to take off my makeup & use the products, which I shall recommend to all I know.

Thanks so very much again!
Donna R.

N.B. Plus, the packing was great!


Donna is from New York.

No wonder that Wolfgang was dancing around after having read such a positive email. I know that he is very dedicated to his wonderful skin care products line. He loves putting mud on people’s faces.

I am suspecting something. Maybe it’s true : At first, people order the Facial Mask to try out new stuff. Then, M customers keep on ordering only because they love the packing !

Thank you, Donna.



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