A Paradise For Joggers …



… or how dead and alive come together…

This beautiful ancient cemetery has become a meeting point for kids and grown-ups of all ages. Kindergarten classes learn natural sciences by playing between the gravestones, looking for insects and plants in the grass. Organized people bring their folding everything (chairs, stools, tables) and have lunch or dinner on the thick lawn on sunny days.

At first, you can think that it is boring to jog in the cemetery. But it’s not. Not at all in spite of its medium size. There are many paths made of compacted gravel where to jog. And if you slalom between tombs, you can experience the smoothness of the earth as well as uneven surfaces. Then, aim at the stone alleys for much harder surfaces.

If your back aches, make yourself comfortable on the lawn. There are many benches available for newpapers or books readers and passionate chatters. I love this mix of young and old people.

It’s my favorite place for jogging. I took these pictures at around 8 a.m. At this early time of day, only joggers, power walkers and nordic walkers are visible.

If you wish to see more pictures of the wonderful ancient tombstones, let me know.


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