Inviting You



I invite you to follow my path.

Listening to music is a sure thing to stay forever young.
I was too young to appreciate some old tunes at their times but for unknown reason, they make me feel real good, bringing back memories of love stories I did not even experience.

That’s the magic of music and of a couple of songs on this blog and on that blog. It’s hard to imagine how the mathematics of some musical notes can change a day, a week or even a whole life.

Let’s try to fight together against this Alzheimer’s disease by training our brain remembering things of our past. First love, first kiss. Big moments. People we cherished.

For you …

A very dear friend of mine, a power gentleman got this awful disease 4 years ago. He was a true human being. I did respect him and love him a lot. He was a big boss in the entertainment business, always busy organizing huge shows. Then, all of a sudden, this terrible sickness. I wish I could have hugged him more often in the past. I visited him and his beloved wife a couple of weeks ago.

I did talk to him but I was not sure whether he could recognize me or not, whether he could hear me or not. I cooked some French food for him and his darling wife. It was something with red wine, oxtail, carrots, lard fumé (some kind of smoked bacon). His wife had to grind the whole thing and she fed him with it. He liked my food because he did not clench his teeth. It made me happy to know that he appreciated it. Next time, I’ll cook another nice dish for the two of them.

Listen to music, train your brain, have a big laugh, sleep well, exercise your body whenever you can, help your next, love people, live healthy, save our earth. All these are the best medical and life insurances ever. Believe me, it is an insider tip to look 20 years younger than you really are.

A lady showed me the way. I saw her in love at 79 ! A well made up, very sweet funny lady. She looked so great. She looked so young. One thing I remember well is when she gave a banana to a little boy who was accompanying me. She was chatting with many adults. Then, she bent her long frame and asked him in a gentle voice : ‘Would you like a banana?’. She could not do better to make him happy, because at that time, bananas were his favorite fruit.

If I am talking about her in the past tense, it is not because she flew away with some major airlines. Last time I saw her, it was 5 years ago. But I’ve heard that she is still in a big shape.

Another sweet lady said it to me. This one is 89! She is still working, dedicating all her precious time to Africa. She started giving her help 50 years ago. Some of these days, I’ll tell you more about these ladies who could achieve something quite incredible : to be aged without being old..



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