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Does it happen to you sometimes to have weird ideas? All of a sudden, you wish to achieve unusual things you never did before. Then, you have opportunity to live your strange ideas. They become real and you have to deal with.

I lived in a big house full of male students. On the 5th floor, 12 small rooms, two bathrooms, two miniature kitchens. Two of them were occupied by two females (including me). On a weekend, four of us were busy chatting in the tiny kitchen. They were all broke and looking for a fancy job with much relaxing and good money.


One told us about a job where you need nothing to do except living at your own pace. The employer would even pay for your drinks and for your food. And you get a paycheck at the end of the road. Who would not say ‘yes’ to such an offer? Nothing to do but to be the natural you. It was not even required to have clean clothes on during working hours. Some students seized the job opportunity to study for their exams without being annoyed by food supply logistics, always a big problem if you are short of money.

I am a gambler at heart. I love experiencing new things. So, I called in to get more information. Only people in good health conditions are welcome. No smoking, no drinking permitted on the job. I don’t drink and I don’t smoke. So it would be no big deal for me to do the job. And I would be all my myself a whole month. Following is the complete list of no-no’s :

– no alcohol
– no cigarettes
– no coffee
– no tea
– no TV, no radio
– no newspaper
– no chatting with human beings
– no phone calls
– no natural light
– no fresh air
– no sunshine, no moonlight

No, no, no. And no. For at least a whole long month.

What other people can do, I can do it, too. That’s what I said at least to myself.

Full of excitement, I told to my boyfriend about my new idea; but he did not clap clap at all. He thought I was turning crazy. ‘Forget about this stupid job. It’s not for you. How could you live a whole month in complete isolation, without anybody to shout at? You are an extrovert. You are a big mouth. You can impossibly keep your mouth shut even for an hour, or for a whole day. You are not able to stay alone. You need to send people to hell at least twice a day. You may stay at most two days in your hole. It’s not worth the trouble’…

It seems that my boyfriend is a big mouth, too.

At this time, I had some girlfriends that I met almost everyday. We laughed, talked and danced days and nights away. We enjoyed moments of life together. It was really nice. On the other side, I lived with my boyfriend in a very pleasant part of a lovely city. We loved going out for dinner, taking a stroll on weekends, and on weekends we left the big city in his red Volkswagen Beetle decapotable (convertible top) to visit the mountainous Alpine regions.

I could not get rid of the stupid idea. It got more and more ingrained in me. I had to do it. I said yes to the job. It was up to me to decide when to start. First thing, I had to notify my current employer, because if most of the participants did the job to earn money, I had to put on hold my regular job for a while in order to experience something new.

Volkwagen decapotableSee you soon !

To be continued



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