Mosquito Blues 2



zzz zzz zzz

Long ago, I met a guy deep in the Cameroonian forest. All around us, green vegetation, big trees, dense forest. Red earth. Rich perfumes of equatorial Africa. The man looked like any other men. His friendly manners were enjoyable. Polite, discrete. We had a bit of conversation. You should have seen how my ears and my eyes grew big as he told me about his job : every night, he climbed to the top of a big tree, wearing only short pants to protect his private parts. On that tree, he spent the whole night, offering his body to the hungry mosquitoes. I was struck by fear, just by imagining all the nasty creatures biting him … or me. He did that for some important studies. On the next morning, he counted all the bites all over his body.

I am very sure, I am not qualified for this job.


Mosquito zzz zzz zzz


The best mosquito killer I know is a small appliance, Chinese make. It is very simple, light, and it costs approx. $10.00 each. Easy cleaning. Not a greedy energy consumer (2W). I power it on every night (if no power failure !) and in the morning I count all the mosquitoes one by one. On average, 70 mosquitoes every night. These mosquitoes are a real plague. No way to go out for dinner in sexy clothes in Africa, if mosquitoes love you. You need to fully protect every skin surface, otherwise, you are good for a very friendly bite which could drive you straight to the hospital or to the cemetery.


Fighting Against Malaria :

Une Plante Contre le Paludisme
Mosquito Killer. I have not tested this one yet. However, the one I use in Senegal looks like this one.
Long sleeves and long pants
Mosquito nets without ANY HOLES !!! (Do you know how to mend holes?)



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