Cui Cui Cuisine


Three continents. Three stoves. One in Germany, another one in Africa, and the third one in USA.

But only one tiny brain. Since I can impossibly memorize all the recipes I have been ‘collecting’ for years and since they are scattered all over the planet, I have finally decided to put them online. I believe it is the best way for me to cook something nice without asking somebody what kind of ingredients he or she would add to cook the meat or vegetables I bought two hours ago.


kochduellLook how good I can cook !


My declining memory will thank me for the great job I have just started.

‘Liebe geht durch den Magen’. So what else to do than to cook some fancy food for the persons you love? They will understand that you care for them. Cook for yourself, too. It is a real sensual pleasure to gather all the ingredients and to play with cutlery and pans. One thing that reassures me everytime I cook : I know what I’ve thrown into the pan !

If the recipes inspire you, feel free to try them. And if you wish to share yours with us, contact me. I’ll be very happy to put them online.

Cooking is fun. But it is a serious matter, too. So, let’s try this week to do it the Academic Way and…

Bon appétit !



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