Longan Quiz



On this pic : one of my longan trees. Their trunks are sometimes yellow, like this one, sometimes dead orange or green. Some others are white. On the other hand, the leaves of all my longan trees are square, transparent and tiny. Each longan tree weighs 3 kg (= 6.6 lbs) and costs 12 EUR (= $18.0) 8) (i.e. $2.72 each lb) in some Chinese shops of Munich (Germany) where there is no Chinatown at all.

Quiz : How come longans are so expensive in the largest Chinatown in the USA ($5 for a lousy lb of longans)?



My Longan Tree


I love picking longans and eating them one by one. But I can do that only once every 2 years. Why? Because in Germany, fresh longans are sold only by trunks. (In New York’s Chinatown you can buy ONE longan for 50 cts). So during the Longan Week, I climb onto my longan tree and comfortably seated on a branch, I pick all the longans my belly can hold. But somehow I am happy when The Longan Week comes to an end.



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