Stormy Weather



I still remember how Ndiass, a little boy in Senegal who adopted me when he was only 6 months old, was fascinated by African storms. Growling thunders, lightnings flashing through the sky, the whirly wind refreshing the air -at last-, buckets of rain falling on the tin roofs of his African village… Clinging to my leg, he could not stop watching and watching. Storms are fabulous.

I remember, I was small-boating in France with my life companion. Suddenly, coming out of nowhere, a heavy storm exploded over our heads. I was completely puzzled. Somewhere in my brain some laws of nature popped up (water and electricity are no good friends, don’t plunge your coffee-machine into water, don’t put your electric appliance in the dishwasher..). Needless to say I was afraid. But I kept my mouth tight shut. I did not want to make my boyfriend nervous. Since the little boat was our home for two weeks long and we were in the open countryside of France, there was nothing else we could do than stop the boat and switch off the ignition. And wait…

Be ready for the next storm ! Here are some insider tips on :

How To Take Pics of Lightning


by Cathy L. Gregg

October 12, 2006 — Santa Maria, California is hit by a severe lightning storm. This photography slideshow movie is from stills as Cathy L. Gregg photographed the incredible display from the inside of her car for almost 3 hours. In a 12 hour period this lightning storm produced almost 5,700 strikes of lightning. This area of California is not known for this type of lightning storm. It just happened to be the right conditions of cold and hot coming together and creating a wonderful show of lightning. This storm hardly produced any rain, a little hail and luckily no major damage.

by Cathy L. Gregg



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