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Merriam-Webster :
(A handbag is) ‘a bag held in the hand or hung from a shoulder strap and used for carrying small personal articles and money’


Prada HandbagIs it your Prada handbag?

If at first a handbag is a useful thing, it can be an elegant and pricey fashion cult object, too. A woman never sleeps well if she does not possess the handbag of her dreams.

In the following video, two old ladies, two handbags. Each one has her own. But it does not help. They are fighting like hell. What is really worth for such a fight at this stage of life? At least it shows that the ladies are still in excellent shape and that they could learn something — but not from me : the Zen attitude. I am wondering if they can bite each other…



BBC News :
Handbagging became a technical term for asserting oneself, if not literally whacking one’s opponents. Most famously used when Mrs Thatcher reportedly banged her hands on the table in a European summit, demanding the UK be given a rebate on its contributions. She got it, and the UK still has it. It’s worth £2bn a year. That was some handbag.


Introducing The PM Collection

I want to show you two fancy bags I created last year. Material : Solid lorry tarps. Waterproof, scuffproof, indestructible. Thanks to four high-quality inline-skate wheels with metal bearings, the trolley can roll and spin remarkably well. Too well, actually. On a hot sunny day, I was on the road along with Born To Shop. Then, my soul whispered to me ‘Buy me an ice cream. Please, buy me a big ice cream.’ While I was paying, I became aware of a gentleman tapping gently on my shoulder : ‘Hi, here is your trolley back. It’s just started taking a walk on its own.’ Ice creams and slopes, not always a good combination : there is no brake system on my inline skate wheels.

Shopping with Born To Shop has become a real pleasure. It’s fun to jog on the pavements while guiding my luxury car among crowds like a fairy princess. The only limit of my shopping tours is the cash limit.

It was not easy to make stitches using my small Elna sewing-machine. It took me three weeks all in all to finish the shopping bag. A professional welder understood my wishes. He did a good job. Then I painted the trolley in black.

Born To Shop came finally to life.


Born to Shop

Born To Shop



A Bike Bag which is not a bore.
bike bag face      bike bag profil



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