The More Magic Noodles



You have surely already heard of the fancy ramen, also known as instant noodles. They are offered in a variety of tastes and colors in Asian shops where heaps of packs of ramen reach to the sky. They are very convenient. I always have some packs of ramen handy at home. Using ramen, it is possible to cook very simple to sophisticated dishes.

It takes only 5 min to cook the simplest meal ever. Just boil enough water for a soup bowl. Put your ramen into the bowl. Cover for 2 min. And that’s it. The tricky thing would be to eat your soup … Asian style : with chopsticks! Can you do that?



A Yummy Ramen Soup


A Japanese has invented ramen, the magic noodle. While enjoying their ramen soups, a team of North Korean scientists took the time to invent the next generation of noodles : The More Magic Noodles. The scientists praise their soybean noodle as the noodle which delays feelings of hunger. It sounds very promising for millions of people in the world. People who are fighting with too much food intake issues, people who are starving although they live in rich countries, people who are starving because they happen to be born in poor countries, people who are undergoing natural or man-made catastrophies.

Should the special soybean noodles really be what it is said that they are, the world would hit very big. I am eager to test out the More Magic Noodles. Taking a nap instead of having food makes Beauty Sleep happy.



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