A Firefighter in Senegal



saying ‘Hello !’ to his collegues in New York.



Ndiass Sapeur


This little guy started teaching me his mother language word wise when he was 2 and something. In Senegal people speak many languages. But the two major ones are Wolof and French. He spoke Baby Wolof and I spoke French to him. He certainly realized that I needed to learn Wolof, so he started giving me lessons. If I did not pronounce a word accurately, he told me : ‘Déedéet’ (= no) and with a gesture of his hand, he made me repeat the word again.

I taught him French. As a young kid (2-4) he was very talkative. But only with me. He let me enter his secret garden, telling me, for instance, about the girl he liked. We had very important discussions. The Senegalese adults who could hear us chatting so vividly wondered how we could have so many topics. We were most of the time together, on the road, in African and in European restaurants, eating fried fish with the fishermen at the beach, gardening together, looking for shells in the sand, feeding the dogs Souffrance, Pick Up and Diola.



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3 Responses to “A Firefighter in Senegal”

  1. Martin Michalek Says:

    Nice to see you’re still blogging. Don’t know if you remember me, but I’m gonna be blogging again for a while. I’m looking forward to reading your posts.

  2. Ajax Says:

    I’m very pleased to know him! He looks so happy.
    But a fireman… posted on September 11… Wowww. 😉

  3. mclearskin Says:

    Hi Martin,

    Sure. I still remember you. I’m so happy to see you here today. I hope you’re doing very fine. Yes, please, do blog again. This is the best decision ever. See you soon.

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