I have wonderful recollections of Montpellier, a city in Southern France.

On a hot Summer day, Herdin and I, we left Cadaqués (Spain) and headed to Montpellier seated in a spacious dark green Jaguar, one of the most beautiful car ever. There was this invitation to a castle wedding in an idyllic countryside. I no longer recall the name of the castle.


Montpellier – Place de la Comédie


The rather short trip was very pleasant. After the wedding party we drove back to Cadaqués, a small fishing village, a stone’s throw of Salvador Dali’s estate.

My then boyfriend, an artist painter and musician, got so inspired by the trip to the wedding castle that he wrote and composed a song for me two days after we arrived home.

Some weeks later, he meant to paint me nude too. But I did not like the idea so much, staying nude without being allowed to breathe and staying on the same spot many hours long. “Open a Playboy magazine. There are many nudes inside (as if he did not know which kind of magazine I was talking about…). Choose anyone. And put my head on top of the naked body.” He sure thought that my understanding of artistic inspiration was well below zero. He asked me to pose nude for him many times, but all I could say was : “No, thanks”. Maybe I should revise my decision because there is some spare space on a contemporary museum wall which is still waiting for me …


J’étais arrivée à Montpellier en Jaguar vert foncé (une superbe voiture, très racée), venant de Cadaqués (Espagne) pour aller à un mariage champêtre dans un château dont je ne me rappelle plus le nom.



Un beau voyage, un séjour agréable, et qui me valut au retour une belle chanson, mon copain de l’époque, Herdin, étant artiste-peintre-musicien.

Il voulait aussi faire un nu de moi. Je ne voulais pas poser. “Prends une photo de Playboy et tu mets ma tête dessus”. Il n’a jamais été d’accord. J’aurais peut-être dû le faire. Il y a peut-être une place vide sur le mur d’un musée contemporain qui m’attend…

Souvenirs merveilleux de Montpellier.



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