Vietnamese Sandwiches


They are really delicious. Healthy, rich in colors and full of flavors. They taste best if the baguette is yummy and crispy. The bread crumb should not be too much otherwise in no time you would lie down on the floor and somebody would practice on you the clear emergency instructions of a choking poster.

Never keep your money in your pocket if you encounter a VN sandwich vendor. Give yourself a treat. Spend. Quite affordable ($3 to $4 each depending on the stuffing) Vietnamese sandwiches are definitely worth a try. If you are on a low fat diet, don’t forget to say : “No mayonnaise for me please. Or just a little bit.”

Anytime I am in a Chinatown of the world, I can’t help it, I have to look for a Vietnamese sandwich stand. The green leaves in the video are cilantro (persil chinoisKorianderblätter)


In Paris 13 – Chinatown (France)


You are in New York right now? There are many Vietnamese sandwich stands in New York City’s Chinatown. But try these insider tips :

A Chau Deli, 82A Mulberry Street – Phone 212.766.332 (9am-7pm)
It is a very small place. They’ve got only two seats for soup eaters. If you are the third one, you will enjoy your soup… in the standing position. But don’t breathe too much freely otherwise you would throw the customer who is queueing behind you to the two other soup eaters seated just behind him. No queue in the shop is longer than 4 persons. On beautiful days, no problem to wait outside.

The name of this sandwich stand has slipped my mind again. Name, address and phone number coming soon.
My second favorite sandwich place because it is farther located from Columbus Park than the first one. The neighbor next door : a Firefighter Station. So if you enjoy eating your Vietnamese sandwich seated in front of the shop, your back against the window pane, admiring the street life, some time or other, you will see how red firefighter engines come and go. The shopkeepers are nice people. Please, be patient at lunch time, because their sandwiches are in great demand.

Paris Sandwich, 113 Mott Street, Phone 212.227.7221.
A pleasant lively well-organized place. Enough tables and seats for patrons. Always crowdy. Great sandwich stuffing variety. There is an oven in the shop (what is rather seldom) so the baguettes are always golden fresh and warm. One minus though : I don’t like the crispyness of the baguettes. I cannot explain why. Just give a try.


In Saigon/HoChiMinh – Ben Thanh Market (Vietnam)


Forget about buying Vietnamese sandwiches from restaurants. Since they make money selling mostly food dishes, you’d be very very fortunate if you get fresh bread there. Most of the times, their sandwiches are AWFUL. If you are a gambler at heart, go for it and please let me know about your experience.

I am a severe case of Vietnamese sandwich addiction.



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2 Responses to “Vietnamese Sandwiches”

  1. Ajax Says:

    Vietnamese sandwiches are very good. Enya’s irish musics too 🙂

  2. mclearskin Says:

    Thank you for the tip, gentleman. I’ve already paid a visit to her site. Great sound.

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