175th Oktoberfest – La Fête de la Bière


Bread is liquid in Bavaria.

I am a lucky girl. I live 4 train stations away from the most gigantic folk festival of the world. It takes only 15 min by train to get there from my home. This party of the superlative takes place every year on the Bavarian Wiesn.


Munich – Oktoberfest




Fred the Sailorman looked just like Popeye, the comic hero. He was always smoking some horrible stuff. His flat was all yellowish from top to bottom due to his nonstop chainsmoking activities. He was born in Hamburg (Northern Germany). After many years sailing around the world, once retired, he spent the third part of his life in Bavaria (Bayern). That’s where I met him. I became his neighbor. Same flight. Across the corridor. He couldn’t stand the Bayrish dialect, which was easy to understand since he spoke academic German. To people living in Northern Germany, Bavarian citizens appear like they are peasants, which they aren’t, of course. Otherwise, I’d be one myself, which I am not.

Although he loves drinking beer so much he hated Oktoberfest. Too loud and too many people for his taste. He was right about that. If you feel like meditating, don’t go to the Oktoberfest. Not a chance of quietness there.

But can you imagine somebody living almost 20 years 20 min by train from Oktoberfest and never having set foot on the Wiesn? Fred was the guy who did it.


Schuhplattler by Kohlrösl-Buam Gitschtal (Austria)


Touring The Wiesn


To be a full success, Oktoberfest must be real loud. You’ll even hear your heart pounding like hell through the powerful screams of the visitors to this fantastic fair if you ride the big roller coasters.

Happy stay to all visitors to Munich,
a beautiful city in Southern Germany and my hometown !





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