Last week, a soul commented one of my blogposts with just one word: LEIWAND.

At first, I thought the author had had another beer in some place with his people and that he felt like writing some poetry. He could have meant LEINWAND (German word for movie theater screen), forgetting the first N. I scratched my head trying to find an answer all by myself. Then, Mr Google tapped slightly on my shoulder: ‘Girl, why don’t you ask me? Maybe I can help!’

Effectively, he could. LEIWAND comes from the Vienna (Austria) slang. It is said that it was used originally by the bad boys, who, after having robbed successfully a bank or two, said: ‘Leiwand’, meaning : “Full success, guys. All’s well that ends well. We could carry out our plan. Just as scripted. We are rich now. Let’s go to the French Riviera and be tycoons”.

LEIWAND means : ‘Great, wonderful.’ In other words, the commentator enjoys reading my stories. He himself is a newbie to blogging. He is still looking for the right button to press on. But if you feel comfortable with German, follow the sign > Campare50.



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