Knit Knit


Hey, boys and girls, it’s getting cold. Windy and cold. Last month, I was rummaging through my closet looking for the thick black pullover made of genuine cashmere, so soft, so warm (and so expensive…) I put in there eight years ago. To my astonishment my garment was not tasty enough for The Moth Gourmet Restaurant.

I put it on. Quick glance at the mirror : The pullover XXL length almost down to my knees is definitely not in for this winter 2008. I had to do something.

I wish I was born a knitter. And a tailor too. Unfortunately, I am anything but that. But I decided to give a try.

First, the scissors, then the wool. In my kitchen, there were two long chopsticks best for what I want to do. Big problem : no idea how to start the reshaping of my piece of knitwear. I had to surf the internet and could find this video :


The Basics


It took me two hard days to achieve a very unusual task. I called my king of heart : ‘Guess what I am doing right now.’ ‘Knitting’. Out of the blue he was right. He was just joking because he’s never seen me knitting anything anywhere. He couldn’t believe that I conceded him a win !

I wish I could knit better. My new old knitwear doesn’t look very pretty. But it is a homemade chef-d’oeuvre. It is so soft and it keeps me warm. And I feel so wonderfully secure in it.



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