A Typical Day …


… in the life of a lazy little boy.

It is said that Africa is full of lazy people. I happen to know one of them. A lazy little boy of 8 years old. Following is a typical day of his :

6:20 AM Time to wake up
He’s got 40 min to brush his teeth, to wash himself and to put on his clothes. While doing all this, he reviews his lessons one more time.

7:00 Breakfast time. Powered milk with tap water which is often reddish or brownish giving to the milk a reddish or brownish shade. Add to this some bread and chocolate paste. Or bread with mayonnaise. Or bread with tuna. Or some millet porridge or some oats (this one is not a big hit). On bad days there is nothing to eat.

7:30 Time to head to school on foot. It takes him 30 min to get there. If he leaves home at 7:35, he has to walk ‘comme un militaire’.

In the morning it’s often rather cold in winter (November to February) even though he lives in Africa, particularly if it’s windy. On cold days, the sun does not smile at all. Cloudy sky. The landscape is in cold colors.

He dressed himself like an onion. Two short-sleeved and one long-sleeved T-shirts. If it is windy like today he puts on one piece of clothes more.

8:00 am to 1:00 pm Learning Time. His class is on the first floor. School ends around 1:10. He goes back home on foot for lunch.


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