Turn OFF Your Cell Phone, PLEEEEASE !


Today, let’s play jeopardy.
The answer is :

As Far As I Know : NO !!!!!!!!


The question to the answer is :

Does a steering-wheel look like a cell phone ?


If so, why do we see too many drivers holding their bloody cell phones and endangering people’s lives every second of the day in all parts of the world ? They get themselves involved in shallow conversations instead of being concentrated on road signs, traffic lights and other street users.

Last year a 4 wheel car nearly hit me at a zebra-crossing. The light was green. I meant to cross the street at an intersection. All of a sudden, a car turns swiftly to the left. I jumped swiftlier to the side. That saved me from many bruises and broken bones. The damned driver was talking on the phone while turning at highspeed to the left.

I hate those drivers. If I could, I’d send them all to hell.

But some other people have found smoother ways to protect us from those killers. Read this :

Safety: Device Disables a Driver’s Cellphone



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