We are moving, too.


Like four other persons, me, Desert Rose and my dearest friend Banana, we are moving to Washington, too. More precisely, to Washington Heights. Our suite is smaller and not so prestigious than their suite in Hay-Adams Hotel.


Desert Rose, Banana & Buddha

Desert Rose (left) and Banana
Buddha is happy for us.


Do I need to tell you the four persons’ names ? Come on, guys ! Squeeze your brain !

Our new area is very hilly. Our house is on top of a hill. The sun shines into our rooms from dawn to dusk. After having been polluted by the dust and the noise of Ground Zero in reconstruction, we longed for fresh air and more quietness.

At first it was not easy to say ‘Adieu’ to the World Trade Center. I liked the area very much. Maybe you don’t know it but I used to walk on the same sidewalk as Robert de Niro… No wonder since TriBeCa is his space.

I have a dream which could not be fulfilled two blocks away from Ground Zero and its wonderful post-office : to learn Spanish.

In WaHI, people speak Spanish every single day. It won’t take long for me to utter some Spanish like : ‘Do you carry some vitamins for me and my friend Banana?’

Chris, the mover-in-chief, a huge Black American guy, and his small staff, two Black American guys, are doing a wonderful job. We are very impressed. Chris told us a something wise : ‘Big TVs like this one should be left to those who live in a house with lift or on the first floor.’ The big apartment is on the 4th floor. The staircase is not so roomy. But it is very quiet at night time, sunny.


Washington Heights 'Capitol'

Geometric similarity between DC and Heights


By the way, if you live in New York and you are looking for good movers, let me know.

On Tuesday 20th, while watching him on TV and listening to his inaugural address, I will be drinking a glass of Champagne to his health as well as to his family’s and wishing him all the best. Congratulations, Barack Obama !

January 2009. A new life has begun for us, too. Living in the firmament, we can talk directly to the stars.


Now, I’d like to say Hello to Eric and Jade !
Thank you for sharing with us historical moments.



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