Entering the Preview World with Google Books


I was searching for ‘copie littérale d’acte de naissance’ on the internet today at 5 a.m. Nothing difficult since I wake up at 4 a.m.

That’s how I discovered the Google Books this very morning. What an amazing bookstore ! It’s actually what I have ever dreamed of. I wish Google could make PREVIEWS of ALL THE BOOKS available on earth. I know that it is impossible but please don’t wake me up.


Council of Europe – Terminology Office

gave me the answer to my search.


There is a bookstore in Munich which sells myriads of IT books. Most of them are expensive. Many of them are in English. The only thing I hate in this bookstore is the clear plastic that wraps all books. No way to look at the inside of the books. No way to smell them !

I understand the concern of the shop owner. He wants to protect his goods. Although IT books become obsolete very quickly (average lifetime 9 months or less), a book with a stain or a fat finger print is no longer sellable at regular price. The shop owner must offer a discount if he wants to sell it as quick as possible.

I used to spend much time in this one shop. At first I thought these IT-books were treated the way CDs are in Munich : You go to the vendor and ask him to unwrap the CD because the price tag has to be taped back on the CD cover. Then you take the CD to the CD player and there you listen to your CD as long as your legs can stand.

With the CD ceremony in mind, I took the book I was interested in to the shop assistant and asked him to unwrap it. “Sorry, no. It’s not our company policy…’ Thousands of IT nerds out there write millions of IT books. So which one is the right one ? It is such a nonsense to buy a book by the cover. IT-books are too expensive to take the risk and too ‘kurzlebig’. But I took the risk. Five times. Lots of money thrown away for paper to be recycled. Never ever again.

I’ve got 20 pics that I meant to scan. But they are still waiting in my drawer. Maybe if I put them in a cover, Google will scan them, too ?!?



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