New York for Residents


There is a very useful map available for those who live in New York and still don’t know every secret of the Big City. Had I found it earlier, many footaches had stayed unknown to me…

You have surely experienced such situations : you ask people on the street for directions. They send you to wrong directions. Not because they are nasty; no, just out of ignorance. And some have no sense of orientation at all. And those who they tell you to turn to the right, whenever they mean ‘to the left’. And what’s about ‘behind’ and ‘ahead’.


New York for Residents


To be true, I already sent some askers to the wrong direction, too. I meant to help out, I was so sure of my explanations but by the time I realized that I sent them to the pampa, they were already gone. How come they asked ME and not another person on the street?

Could it be that ‘orientation’ is a personal matter?

Writing this post for you reminds me of my time as a volunteer at Saint Patrick’s Cathedral a couple of years back. Some visitors to the beautiful Cathedral were very specific. They wanted to know where some Saints were standing. There are a saint in each and every corner and there are so many corners in the church. More than four !

At the beginning, I used the guide to get the piece of information the visitors needed. But since visitors were queueing up some times to hear my voice, I decided to learn by heart the location of all saints to serve visitors quicklier. It took me a few days to digest all the saints’ locations. It was great fun to be a volunteer at the Information Desk.

Roberta, how are you doing these days? As you can see, I still know you…



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