Can You See It?


I am looking for the English name of this fruit or vegetable. The picture was sent to me by a visitor to the blog located in Vietnam. It was not easy for me to spot the medicinal fruit in the green jungle. But then, at last, I could spot it. And now, I can see it at the first glance.




This plant grows on the 2nd floor. Depending on in which country you live, under the 2nd you’ll find the 1st floor which is at street level. Maybe you are wondering why all the metal grids. It is just because in Saigon (or HoChiMinh City), the bad boys are fearless and very fit. So they can enter your apartment via balconies. To protect your belongings, either you buy big nasty dogs, or you stay home your entire life. Families who live on 2nd floors and who cannot afford staying home all day long have metal grids on their balconies.

It is said that the fruit (or vegetable) is used in natural medicine and it cures some diseases. Can anybody tell me more about this plant?
Thank you very much in advance.



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