His & Hers. A Can Opener Story.


He likes it big. And metallic solid. She likes it foldable, small, invisible. Can two people of the kind live in the same flat, use the same kitchen and put their things in the only kitchen drawer available?




Yes, they can. But she has to pay a high price whenever she needs to open a can. The cupboard drawer is deeper than wide. And each and every time she wants to grab her tiny P-38, she sees only his huge can opener, blocking the entrance to the drawer in the first place. No room to enter her little hand. She must remove it to rummage at ease in order to find her can aid. Because it is very small, she puts it in a little box as near as possible to the front side of the drawer. That’s what she does regularly. But some weird djinn places it back deep inside in the drawer, where darkness and obscurity live in unison.

She is furious every time because his can opener is so big. Bigger than an elephant. Many times she meant to throw it into the garbage. Once, she actually did it. But then, it got replaced by a bigger one. So impressive. She has always been wondering how come two devices, completely different in prices and in volumes are meant to achieve the same task…

Maybe it is the reason why in this apartment, cans are opened only once every month or two months.

If you are curious about tiny can openers and their patents, click here.



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