In Style


Ever puzzled over putting a comma before or after ‘too’, ‘however’? Ever asked yourself if some verbs are transitive or not? Adverbs. Prepositions. Conjugation. No idea of what I am talking about? You were lost and now you just don’t care about earthy matters? Here is a good chance to pamper your brain again. Click on the pic to get some digestable Quick and Dirty Tips.




or visit The Chicago Manual of Style


May I remind you of something?
Never ever hesitate to report any bugs you encounter on my blog. I switch between 4 languages on a daily basis. There are days where 2 more languages are active in my brain. That sounds very smart. Unfortunately, I cannot put myself in this chic category. Not yet. But don’t lose hope. I keep an eye on the finish line. Someday. Somehow. It’ll be my time to be in style. Maybe…

Have a nice day!



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