High Heels Harm


high heels

Many years ago I was addicted to high heels, too. The pairs I used to wear were not as high as Victoria Beckam’s. But they were not healthy at all because they were much too high for my foot doctor’s taste. Divide 10 by 2.54. And you’ll know how high I was perched on my so sexy high heels …

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Nowadays flat shoes (ballerinas, snickers …) are my favorite most of the time since I have become addicted to kickboard. I go shopping by kickboard and so I no longer need to carry heavy bags full of shoes. The kickboard is a wonderful painkiller. No more arm pains, no more back pains because of heavy loads. Instead of diverse pains related to heavy loads, my legs are toned. And much better than that: my whole body is toned.

Wanna do some good to your feet?
Wear healthy shoes on a daily basis!


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