Welcome to Pauline’s Blog

I am a world citizen.

I carry the whole world on my shoulders : my hair is black, red and white. Sometimes as short as my little finger, sometimes down to my shoulder blades.

Paris. Cameroon. Senegal. Munich. New York. I had a wonderful time in all these places. Even in the middle of the Sahara desert, where it’s so freezing at night time. I still remember a very special morning. We woke up to discover that we were completely buried under a small heap of sand. Had we stayed on the same spot in the same position for some more weeks, we would have become a huge sand dune.

Bugs (spelling, grammar, etc…) may appear on my blog. Do not hesitate to press my bell if you see any. I do juggle with at least three languages on a daily basis. No wonder if my brain is upside down, mixing up grammar rules and spelling interdictions! There is no opening hours for visiting the inside of my brain, because it would be too stressy for you.

Thank you for showing up.


2 Responses to “Welcome to Pauline’s Blog”

  1. Ajax Says:

    Tu as oublié de signaler que tu as de beaux mollets car tu adores faire du vélo. 😉

  2. mclearskin Says:

    poilues, les cannes.

    Les mangues ne sont pas bonnes par ici. Les fraises, c’est pas bon non plus. Les quetches, pareil. Où en trouver des bons? J’ai acheté la semaine dernière quelques reine-claudes, car je me méfiais. C’était pas bon, alors que le marchand m’assurait qu’elles étaient délicieuses.

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