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Amazing Cycle Super Highways

March 4, 2015

by Peter Shadbolt for CNN



How to Do Ten Things The Right Way

September 4, 2014

Paul Etkins The reInventor

December 29, 2013

Paul Etkins reinvents our world

How To Sharpen Scissors

April 7, 2013

Film by Mark Bullard.

Thomas Stuckey of Knife Sharpest
has been sharpening knives for 20 years.


A T-shirt Folding Machine

April 5, 2013



Delicious Homemade Crêpes

March 25, 2013

crepe von heute

It takes me only five minutes to make these awsome crispy, thin delicious crêpes.  I had some for breakfast this morning. I am so glad that I could find out how to make (very quickly!) thin crispy crêpes.