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A T-shirt Folding Machine

April 5, 2013




How To Make Sandals

December 16, 2011

Don’t use the tyre of your neighbor’s car to make your sandals!


Another strap style:



May 28, 2011

Planking, the new trend

Your New Pair of Shoes for Spring/Summer 2010?

October 8, 2009


[picapp src=”3/1/e/f/Miu_Miu_4dc3.jpg?adImageId=4871156&imageId=6741799″ width=”421″ height=”594″ /]


One Dress All Year

September 27, 2009



Sheena Matheiken


Something Wild Of The Past

January 1, 2009

… On The Verge of 2009 !

It is tradition to say something of things gone by at the dawn of each new year. I proudly present to you someone of my incredible past. A torturous, passionate, crazy past.




We kissed and fought each other 6 years long. He was often on various locations of the world for ad campaign shootings and fashion shows. He was excessive, bad-tempered, but sweet without limit.

I’ll tell you more about this long human relationship in the near future. If you have never seen a professional model under a microscope, stay tuned !

This morning he wished me all the best :    Champagne
Same to you from me.