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You Can Improve Your Pronunciation

September 28, 2009


English Learners,

By clicking on the pics, you will be redirected to VOA (Voice Of America) News Special. Choose the speed which is appropriate for you (from very slow to very fast). Repeat OUT LOUD many times after the speaker. Try to repeat exactly all what you hear (intonation, pauses). If you do this exercise everyday, your pronunciation and your accent will improve in no time.




I believe that the website is suitable for some native speakers too. It will help them articulating better. I know what I am talking about. Some dear friends of mine are big mumblers. How can anyone speak without opening one’s own mouth? That’s complete mystery to me. Although I have been knowing them for 20 years or so, I still keep asking them: ‘Pardon me, what did you say? Sorry, I didn’t understand.’




I have to be very polite, because these friends are so fragile emotionally that they could break in pieces. Long conversations with them are a nono. Too stressful. That could end up in fight. Some don’t care about improving anything. But those who wish to learn how to speak clearly are trying to do so with VOA News. It’s great fun being a major News anchor 30 minutes a day.