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A Subway Ride in Manhattan

January 18, 2009

… or How to Become a New Yorker !


Saturday, 6:15 am — She left home and got onto the A train in Washington Heights at the 168th station. She meant to go to the Chambers Street station in Downtown. It’s about 35 min ride. A straight downwards just-sit-and-wait ride. On weekdays.


Subway NYC


She completely forgot that the MTA does some maintenance work on weekends. While sudokuing she did not pay attention to the very loud public announcements. It was her own decision to ignore the messages coming from the loudspeakers, always unpleasantly loud since there are no hi-fi sound systems underground.

Nevertherless from time to time she raised her eyes and looked at some station names.

‘2nd avenue’ ! Never heard of that station name before. For sure, something went wrong.

She got out of the train. Although she started her ride on an A train, she landed on platforms for F and V trains, which were completely unknown to her. Something went definitely wrong. She could not find any MTA map on the platform and there was no soul at this early time of day to ask for information.

She went to an MTA booth. Unoccupied. The other agent booth on the opposite side of the long platform did work 24/7 but it was very far away.

Finally 15 min later, an angel descended the stairs and gave her directions. ‘Take the V train on the opposite platform. Go uptown to Broadway Lafayette. Then take the 6. It is the green line.’

Once back home, she checked on the internet how her journey got interrupted so abruptly. It’s amazing to experience how an A train mysteriously changes in seconds into a F train or a V train.

If you go by subway, listen carefully to all public announcements. Otherwise, you’d miss something very important. And don’t forget to bring along with you your subway, bus and street map whenever you visit New York City !

But the best way to enjoy New York is to take the bus and have a window seat. Buy a 7day multi-ride pass (available as a monthly pass as well) and discover




It’s fascinating and very entertaining !

The MTA drivers are very nice people ! They know everything which is on their bus routes. They will help you find your destination. You won’t get lost.