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The ‘M’ Dimension

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Today is April 25, 2008. I am reshaping the world. Sit back and follow the slow progression of what I am doing, wasting my precious time instead of dedicating my valuable energy to all the thrilling life activities such as cleaning up my house or ironing clothes.

Maybe we share the same opinion? I am really tired of our old world. All around me only disasters. Accidents. Never-ending wars. Misunderstandings. Devaluations. Exterminations. Hate crimes. Sex crimes. Beary stories for grown-ups ! Unsurmountable taxes and credit payments. Hunger. Draught. Self-destruction. ‘Money’, we hear that word clinging in our ears many times a day. But there is none in our pockets…

The World WitchThe World Witch

Why all this? Why? We were all born with a high-performance brain. Why do our bolts get so easily loose? When does this happen in the course of a life? We are lousy managers of our world. We should be all fired.

Thank you for your attention.
Have a wonderful day !


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